The Fung Group has instilled the principles of pollution prevention and the management and implementation of environmental responsibility programs into our companies’ operations and supply chains, and we take actions to mitigate global climate change.

We run a cloud-based environmental management system across our publicly-listed companies that tracks and manages energy, water and paper consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We are expanding the system to capture waste and recyclables data and to also progressively include other Group companies across our operations.

Fung Manufacturing Excellence Program

Factories face rising cost of materials and labor, pressure from retailers for lower pricing, tougher business regulations and more exacting social and environmental requirements. The Fung Manufacturing Excellence Program equips suppliers with leading manufacturing concepts, helping them become more competitive, responsible and sustainable.

Circular economy

We were early explorers of the circular economy in Asia and are now collaborating with other fashion industry leaders through the ‘Make Fashion Circular’ initiative to make circular a reality.  The initiative was launched in May 2018 by the Ellen Macarthur Foundation with the vision to drive momentum for a circular economy for fashion.

Salvaging yarn with 22 Factor

Our knitwear specialist, Cobalt Fashion, salvaged excess luxury yarns destined for landfills and breathed new life into them by creating new garments. The upcycling project launched as a pilot and Cobalt has now turned the concept commercially into the brand, 22 Factor. 

LEED certification for Singapore DC

World Gateway, our LF Logistics Distribution Centre is certified to LEED Gold and received the Green Mark Platinum rating from the Building and Construction Authority of the Government of Singapore. This nine-story, 1,000,000 square feet, multi-temperature facility is Singapore’s largest, automated and customs-bonded warehouse. It consumes 30% less energy than a facility we previously operated, despite being four times larger.

Clean Up our World Global Campaign

Each year, Fung Group colleagues come together to help make the world a cleaner place through environmental initiatives in their communities. From tree planting to beach cleans, guest speakers, happy hours, film screenings and more, it’s all about raising awareness of environmental issues and sharing tips on how we can make a difference. Fung Group supports Hong Kong-based EcoDrive’s #EnoughPlastic campaign to encourage colleagues to change their habits and avoid single-use plastic items. Other companies with the Fung Group such as Circle-K, St Honore, Global Brands, Trinity and LF Logistics are all making changes to reduce single-use plastic in their businesses.

Saint Honore eco-cake boxes

To promote environmentally-responsible practices, a multi-functional eco-cake box was created. The cake box is printed with soy ink and embossed with perforated lines that enable the box to be torn apart and used as plates and spoons, avoiding the need for disposable or traditional tableware. 

GPS fleet monitoring system

Convenience Retail Asia has introduced Global Positioning System (GPS) monitoring into its operations for better fleet and cold chain management. By providing the most efficient driving circuits, GPS enables the fleet to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It has also strengthened the tracking of delivery trucks, which helps maintain optimal in-transit temperatures to ensure food safety and product quality.

Energy Sensor Program

A partnership between Li & Fung and Fung Academy enables factories to manage electricity consumption and drive efficiency. Following two successful trials in India and China, the program is being expanded. The sensor package comprises electricity sensors, a web-based tool and mobile app. Data will be used to pinpoint how factories can use energy more efficiently. Pilot tests showed promising reductions in energy use, mostly through operational process changes.