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The Group's 42,150 employees worldwide are managed by a group of 830 senior executives who manage the operations, set and carry through the standards of leadership, and participate in strategy setting and implementation at each stage of the Group's growth.

The Group's approach to its senior management embodies the principles of parity of opportunity and treatment, clarity of objectives, and fairness in accountability and rewards. The senior management is representative of the Group's multinational character.
· They are from over 40 economies worldwide
· 30% are women
· Over half hold a professional qualification or degree
· Over half have lived and worked in more than two countries
· Most have more than 15 years of management experience in the industry

In addition, a significant portion of our senior management has been with the Group for over 10 years. Many joined as a result of a merger or acquisition. In the words of Dr. William K Fung, Group Deputy Chairman, "under our asset-light model, our biggest investment is actually our people."

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