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Fung Academy

At the Fung Group, we recognise that people are our greatest asset. The Fung Academy exists to cultivate talent, accelerate learning and develop future capabilities in companies and key stakeholders (customers and suppliers) across the Group.

We accomplish this in four ways: The Program for Management Development (PMD) - building the leadership pipeline, Corporate Capability Development - helping people to learn and fostering a culture of learning, Supply Chain Futures - building sustainable, competitive advantage, and Innovation & Experimentation - cultivating creativity and prototyping our future. As the Group transitions into an exponentially changing world, the Academy has an even more critical role to play.

The Program for Management Development (PMD) identifies talents from all over the world, develops them through international and business exposure, and helps them build people networks within and outside of our Group. Our Management Associates (MAs) become our business or function leaders who make significant contributions to the Group, and the communities in which we operate.

Corporate Capability Development programmes provide a platform to equip leadership with new tools for innovation and experimentation and are delivered in collaboration with university partners around the globe, including MIT and Stanford.

Supply Chain Futures programmes help suppliers build the capabilities they need to navigate the digital economy, and operate sustainable, future-ready businesses. Corporate-wide initiatives, such as the Fung Manufacturing Excellence Program (FMEP), further equip strategic suppliers with the best lean manufacturing concepts.

Our emerging work around Innovation & Experimentation centres on important questions that will shape the future of the Group's businesses, such as "How might we lead in the new frontiers of retailing?", and "What will be the next disruptive technology?" In pursuing a culture of experimentation we incubate new ideas and capabilities that manifest in real-world experiments, for example, working with Toys"R"Us in Hong Kong to bring 3D printing to retail; piloting "big data" analytics programmes across the Fung Group, and engaging the whole organisation in a conversation about open innovation.

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