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Sustainability is a pillar of the Fung Group's corporate culture and embedded in our three-year operating plans, reflecting our belief that we are an agent of change with a duty to contribute positively to the economic and social development of societies and communities in which we operate.

At the core of our corporate culture is a commitment to nurturing and investing in our own people and enabling them to develop as professionals and global citizens.

We are also conscious of our heritage and roots in Asia. We value loyalty and long-term relationships and in turn extend the same to our people and business partners. In parallel, we also look to continually learn and practice the best of global operating principles, and therefore have invested heavily in training, technology and good governance.

Indeed, the grounding principles for everything that we do are to operate with integrity in all respects, and to the highest standards of good governance, transparency and accountability. We report on our commitments and progress in a number of ways, and have been recognised for achievements in this regard.

Our beliefs about corporate culture and sustainability are summarised in the following diagram and pages. Please click on the relevant links to learn more.

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